HO keeps declining application even if listing is still active

Hi All.

I am a bit baffled - we’ve applied for a sit a couple of times, we include a very nice, personal message, then the HO declines the application without any feedback and keeps the listing active. This has happened a few times. We have asked for feedback without any response whatsoever.

Has this happened to anyone else? It is very strange - the listing does not list anything specific about the type of sitter required. We just got declined again without any reason/communication and the listing is showing only one 1 applicant.

I am really frustrated. I feel like THS should have some policy where the HO can’t decline a perfectly suitable sitter without any good reason…

Thank you for letting me vent.

That does seem really rude, but if an HO does that to me even after I have asked for feedback or just declines me repeatedly, I just ignore their sits and move on.


Just because their listing doesn’t mention anything specific about the type of sitter they want or don’t want, doesn’t mean they are going to think you are the right sitter for them.

I’m not sure why you think THS should have a policy where you can’t decline a sitter without a good reason, of course an HO can decline a sitter without good reason, it’s their pet… their kids, no one can tell an HO who the right sitter is for them, they need to decide!!!

A sitter could have loads of great reviews but if the vibe doesn’t feel right for the HO, then they aren’t going to accept them. An HO will trust their intuition and go with the sitter that they are drawn to most, and that is different things for different HO’s.

If you attach a link to your profile on here then people may be able to help more with this, as there may be something that is putting HO’s off. It could be something really simple.

But don’t dwell on it, switch off and move on, they aren’t the right HO’s and pets for you, so just focus on the HO’s that do think you’re great instead.


Unfortunately there are a few home owners who are rude and decline applications without a message. I would have messaged them to ask for feedback once, and don’t understand why you applied again as clearly, for some reason, they have decided you’re not suitable. Are you in the same country as the home owner? If not, that might worry them. Did you thoroughly read the owner’s listing and write a good application, personalising it to include details in the listing? Have you much experience/good reviews/references?
As someone here has suggested, why don’t you link your profile so members can give feedback if we think it needs improving to help you attract home owners. Here’s how to do that:


Move on! Next! Plenty of other sits that will be the right fit.


If the sit is in a competitive area, it’s not baffling. Because of the 5 application limit, petparents may want to see more applicants. In some cases they might cancel sitters they don’t think will be suitable. They might send a brief note explaining why. They might not, especially if they wrote their preferences in the listing and the person doesn’t meet their needs. In some cases they might decline your application in order to see more applicants, but still consider you for the sit. Declining doesn’t mean they can’t choose you later. It simply allows them to see more applicants.

Because I live in a competitive area, I sometimes decline applicants to get more applicants. Usually, I explain with briefly. For example: “Sorry, I can’t really accept sitters with kids. My space is too small.” or “Sorry, I’m really only looking at sitters with prevous THS experience.” However, I’ve had sitters get back to me sometimes with great indigation when I’ve declined. I’ve also had sitters reapply again for the same dates! So I understand the feeling from the petparent perspective, that even though it feels like responding/explaining is the “right thing to do” it may feel like a thankless task.


Hello everyone,

The OP has received the help and advice they were hoping for and would like to close the post with thanks to everyone who commented - Many thanks! :smiling_face: