Lingering Applications

Hi there!
I’m new to TH, but not new to Housesitting as I’ve been doing it privately for 4 years. I’m a clear and swift communicator with my clients or inquiries - if it’s a yes or a no. But have not found this to be the case on here.

My questions are:
-Can my applications just linger there indefinitely? Even if an HO has chosen a sitter? Will I be notified?
-Does the sitter have to manually decline each applicant they are not choosing? (If so, I suggest an auto-decline notification feature!)
-Do most HO confirm the sit on the site, so at least I will see that it’s no longer available?

I have continued to apply to interesting sits, but I’m wondering what to expect from the HOs and the platform insofar as clear answer about my application. I guess I have to make decisions that are best for me, try to communicate and keep moving!

Thank you!

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Yes, once the sit is confirmed, all the other applicants are automatically declined, and will receive a notification.

Most HO’s are polite and do acknowledge those sitters not chosen, but some just don’t find it necessary or have the time to do so. With that being said, once a HO has confirmed with a sitter, all remaining applicants receive notification they were not chosen.

Hope this helps.

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I notify sitters when I’ve chosen someone else. That said, I don’t notify them until someone else is confirmed, so it may take several days until an applicant gets a message from me explaining that I’ve chosen someone else. The only exception I can think of is if the applicant clearly did not read my listing or is somehow obviously not appropriate for my listing (bringing their toddler, etc.)

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A few of your questions have already been answered but I just wanted to add that yes, you have to manually go in a withdraw your application for any active sits that you no longer wish to be considered for.
I personally leave all my applications up until I confirm something, and then I will withdraw. If there’s been no communication at all, I don’t send a message. If there has been, I’ll usually say something like “I have since accepted another sit.”
Recently I had applied for like 8 sits for the same dates and people were sllloooowwww to reply. I finally booked something only to then have them coming out of the woodwork 2 weeks before their dates!
Anyway, I digress, to answer your other question, yes, the majority of homeowners will confirm their sit and the majority of those that maybe don’t realise they need to will be prompted by the sitter to confirm them.
The only time this may not happen is if they are using multiple sites to find a sitter and they confirm elsewhere.