Application unread by HO

Hi everyone
I’ve applied for a sit which is due to start tomorrow. The listing shows the HO is reviewing applications and my application message hasn’t been read yet.

I’m worried that this HO may leave choosing a sitter until the very last minute. I also hate having to let people down and should I be chosen by them, it will be a bit of a scramble for me to get myself packed and travel down in time.

Would you send a follow up message to the HO or just leave it?

I suspect they have chosen someone already or the sit is no longer going ahead but it can be stressful to be left hanging like this…

Thanks for your time fellow THS friends

I’d suggest writing off sits well before the day before they start if the HO hasn’t communicated with you. Even if they reached out at this point, it’s likely to be a bad sit.


@sunshinesonme - you are not letting anyone down. I wouldn’t chase it at this late stage and just forget about it. Even if they confirm the sit at the very last minute you don’t have to accept.
Prior to a sit being confirmed you should have the opportunity to ask any questions and receive a Welcome Guide (or similar) to ensure everyone is happy with expectations on both sides.

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They probably got a sitter that sat for them before, got a sitter via another platform, got friends/family to step in or decided to stay at home instead.

There’s no way owners would leave their decision till the day before, so I’m afraid you’ll have to forget about that sit :disappointed_relieved:

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@sunshinesonme not clear if you have just applied last minute also or if it’s a sit you applied for some time ago.

Is it a new HO ? It’s possible that they have agreed a sit with one of the other applicants but not properly confirmed the sit on the platform . I believe that if this is the case , it will still shows up as “reviewing”.

No harm in reaching out the the HO for clarification if you are still willing to go ahead with the sit at this late notice .

I suggest you probably need to set yourself a cut off time … if I haven’t heard back by xx I will assume you no longer require a sitter / have made other plans and will withdraw my application.

This does occasionally happen and could be for a number of reasons but, at this late stage, don’t consider it.

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