Setting up and reviewing sitter applications

Hi, I am in the process of setting up my first sitting arrangement. I have had three applications this week which was heartening, but having replied to the applicants, I have not heard back from them. They were welcoming, thanks for applying lets have a chat kind of replies, so I dont think they should have been off-putting. I am a bit confused - is this normal?

When you go back to your inbox and look at your sent mail, does your reply show “read” or “unread”? Maybe they just haven’t seen it come through yet.

From a sitter’s POV (and am I allowed to post here in the Owner section rather than the exchange section? Please advise & accept my apologies if not) I believe the amount of time that you took to read their applications and then to reply to them would be a big factor in helping to understand what the problem might be. If you give details of those 2 timeframes, the community might, or not, have answers for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some people have issues with the notification emails going to spam and they don’t check the app/site enough to get the messages.

I’m very new to this and have already lined up a couple local sits in my own country before adventuring over seas new year. I’m my limited experience so far the app is great for finding and applying for sits but the internal chat servers are horrible… incorrect time stamps on messages, delayed replies and emails etc

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How long ago did you reply to them? It seems strange that none of the 3 would have replied back.

We could do a test: E.g., I could apply for your listing and you could reply, then I could tell you if it went thru. I think we’re not supposed to post listings here.

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Hi @Phillipa. As a sitter I find that most odd to be honest. Of course you may get the odd sitter who has confirmed another sit (although i always withdraw my application with a note explaining why) or changed their mind (although again my view is they should withdraw their application if that’s true). but 3 sounds super strange. Maybe get admin to check your messages are getting sent correctly.
Maybe @Lucy-MembershipServices or @Karen-Moderator can advise better?

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Thanks for all the responses. Two further sitters have replied and we are in conversation, so I think that it must be that the first two are not now interested. The internet interface does seem very clunky and slow.

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@Phillipa Yay! I’m glad to hear you’re in contact with two potential sitters. Thanks for letting us know.

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I’m fed up with my children lack reply to my texts, my husband leaving the toothpaste open, my girlfriend’s continued gossip too but they all should have that right regardless of how I like it. Sorry I think home owners have that right regardless of my feelings.

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