Application showing as not read

I have applied for a sit a few days ago and it was accepted but hasnt been read according to the app. The host is apparently reviewing applications but how if mine has not been read. I’ve asked about this via the help centre but no response so far, any ideas ? Anyone had experience of this?

It automatically goes to ‘reviewing’ status as soon as there are 5 applicants. It does not mean they are actually reviewing. I’ve had apps go unread for weeks. Sometimes the HO does not even know their listing is in reviewing status.

Welcome @ariaDne56

This has happened to most of us it happens all the time , it’s been discussed here before :

If the homeowner reads your application on the app instead of the web site, then it will show as “unread”. So there is a chance the homeowner has read your application.

Really? Then that is yet another one of those incredibly stupid things.

Maybe they fixed it, but that used to be the case. And if it was fixed in the past that doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t broken again. Testing isn’t exactly their forte…

It appears tech team don’t know if this happens or not ……@Therese has been asking the tech team about this since it was raised on 7 Aug

and again on 16 Sep

@Silversitters Time for some testing by users then…

How difficult can it be for Tech to answer such a question?

Hello everyone, This is just an update on the question that has popped up a few times before. Apologies if there was no earlier clarification.

This was a previous bug that was fixed and it has since been tested. The only reason any message will show as unread is because the other member has not read it.

When any owner reaches their 5 application limit they get an email telling them they have reached the 5 application limit and to talk to and choose a sitter, as well as a pop-up, encouraging them to decline sitters if none are right and how to relist the dates.