General Question about applying for sits

Hello! I was wondering - when I “apply” for a sit, it is assumed that if accepted, the sit is automatically going ahead? Or is there some other step in the process that both I as a sitter and the homeowner needs to take to “confirm” the sit?

Thank you!

Hi. No, both parties have to confirm it. If, after talking to the homeowners, you have any concerns or there were red flags, you still have the option to decline it.


Thank you so much. Would I receive a special notification inviting me to officially accept?

Hi @AmandaAndNolan the HO will send you a sit request confirmation which confirms they have chosen you and which you can then accept or decline. Once you accept, the sit will be officially confirmed and will then show on your dashboard.

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Hi @AmandaAndNolan,
Yes you get a notification that HO (xyz) has chosen you and do you accept. You need to accept the sit. You’ll get email messages and reminders to accept or decline the offer.

I agree with all that has been stated. A word of caution: be skeptical of any acceptance for a Sit if you have not spoken with the Owner. We always have a phone or video chat first.


Thank you for the information, everyone! :slight_smile:

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Hello @AmandaAndNolan
I think your questions are answered in the website on ‘getting started’. There are little videos with explanations. It might be worth you having a good read of the website. You can also search the forum before you post a question as this has also been discussed before.
Good luck with your housesitting!