Applying when invited

Hi all-- I had favorited a listing I was interested in, but hadn’t reached out yet, and now the owner has invited me to apply. If I click on “yes” am I automatically accepting the sit, or does it just mean I’m applying in the regular way? I need to talk with her a bit more and ask a couple of questions first so don’t want to accept the sit without that. Thanks for the help, never been in this exact situation before and don’t want to mislead the owner/accept just yet.

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Hi @MojaveForever,

When a Homeowner send a request to apply it will go to our inbox and at the top of the message will look like this.

If you don’t see a message like this at the top it is possible they didn’t know how to send the request to apply. So you can just go to their profile and click the button to apply. You shouldn’t see a “yes” button just the decline or apply buttons. If you are seeing something different you may want to contact Membership services for support. Is it possible that you’ve already sent in an application and she is now asking if you’d like to “accept”? In that case, you should still be able to message the homeowner back with your questions or it might be easier to ask for a phone number at this point to connect that way and get things sorted out over a call. I hope this helps!

You can just send a message with your questions without clicking on the Apply button. If you then want to proceed, you can click apply at that point.

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Thanks! That’s what I did. :slight_smile: