Where is CONFIRM/DECLINE buttons?


I’m leaving this issue in case anyone else has it.

Turns out since we “invited” her using “Find a Sitter”, she needed to apply. Once I suggested that, the buttons popped up. Seems to be a programming glitch, since if we invite her, she should be able to accept/we should be able to decline.

ORIGINAL ISSUE: We invited a sitter. We chatted. We she accepted verbally, but she says she doesn’t see the button to accept. And I actually don’t see the two buttons I see for some other applicants.

I suggested she might not have actually applied and maybe that needs to be done before we can confirm her.

Please help and thanks!!!

Hi Amy … you have confirmed the sitter can you check you in box to see if she has responded please and then Direct Message me with her details and I will check this all for you.

Thank you,


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Solved. Because WE invited her, she needed to click to apply. Once I suggested she try that, the buttons showed up.

Suggest to IT that if homeowners invite, then next steps like CLICK TO APPLY should be visible to sitter, AND confirm/decline should pop up for homeowner (in case we change our mind…)

Hi @AmyNJoe I’m happy to hear you were able to figure it out. I will pass along your feedback to our team. Thank you so much and happy travels :hugs: