Once confirmed

Hi all

Can someone advise. I’ve just secured a lovely family to sit for Ted and they have confirmed too. I’ve sent an email to the other people who applied to say thanks very much but no thanks on this occasion. Do I need to “decline” the others - can’t find the button to do that.

Thanks all

Hi @Christine4 firstly congratulations on confirming your sitters, can I just check, is the sit now showing on your dashboard as a confirmed sit? If yes, an automated decline message will have been issued to the other applicants. You are certainly a very thoughtful homeowner, it is always much nicer to receive a written note when declining someone rather than to just receive the automated message.
I’m assuming on this occasion you replied to the other applicants before confirming your chosen sitter/s? I only say this because otherwise they will have already received the decline notification before they receive your message.
I hope this helps to explain.

I attached another thread you might also find helpful

Thank you @Samox24. Every day is a school day - you have confirmed what I thought would happen so in future I will ensure that I contact the HS before accepting someone from the list. I read on this site recently how someone was so disappointed to receive a ‘decline’ and so wanted to let people know before they got that. I don’t think there was much of a time lapse but next time I’ll know what sequence to follow. Thank you for replying - it’s appreciated.

@Christine4 you are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face: