Newbie questions please

Apologies if already covered elsewhere but I haven’t been able to find them!
1 How do I say that I have someone booked for the dates I posted?
2 Someone applied to sit for the dates I had posted, as it was my first time I clicked on accept as I thought I would need to do that to be able to liaise - I know now that isn’t correct… but when I contacted them they were not actually available for those dates - so how do I remove that I accepted them.
3 I have since found a sitter so want to close the post.

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When you offer the sit to an applicant and they confirm, you will get a pop up notice to decide if you want to send a generic message to other applicants. Confirming on the site closes the post. I hope that helps. Moderators usually pop on add share from the pro perspective, but that’s been my experience.

Hello, @Gee I would like to wish you a warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum community. I can see that you are already posting to find answers to your questions, which is great and you can also use the spyglass to search for previous topics.

It is great news that you have found a suitable sitter :slight_smile:

I am more than happy to help answer your questions about confirming a sitter. As @Cat_Aficionado mentioned when you have sent a sitter a confirmation request via the inbox messages and they have accepted that request, then the sit will appear on your dashboard as a confirmed sit.

If you have confirmed someone in error and they are not able to sit for you, then you can go to the top of the inbox message with them and decline them if it’s in the application stage or unconfirm them.

If you have confirmed a sitter and it says the following ‘Sit confirmation request sent, sitter agreement pending.’ Then you are waiting for the sitter to accept the confirmation on their end. Once they do it will appear on your dashboard as a conformed sit.

If you would like more detailed help then you can always reach out to or let me know that you need further help and I can pass that on.

Best wishes Carla

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