Newbie question - how to mark listing as fulfilled?

Hi, we just found our first sitter through THS after having had 4 applications.
I’ve thanked the other 3 for their interest. How do we delete the listing ? I couldn’t see a way immediately so deleted the dates, but that seems to just trigger automated messages to complete our listing. I don’t want to delete our profile as we may need it again.

I understand that after both of you have confirmed the sit, that it is paused automatically by THS. Nobody else then can see your listing until the sit is finished. After that your listing is online again but without dates.

But what I don’t seem to find is where to “confirm the sit”. Probably obvious but I may be looking in the wrong place?

As I have done this myself only once, I don’t remember where exactly I found the button to confirm but @Angela-CommunityManager or @Vanessa-Admin will know it.

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Hi @SteveL Welcome to our Community Forum and to TrustedHousesitters I am going to pass this over to the Membership Services Team who will be in touch with you regarding the confirmation of your sitter …

Once again welcome.

Angela and the Team

HI @SteveL @Katie-MembershipServices has looked into this for you and now that you have relisted the dates after deleting, your chosen sitter can now confirm the sit.

It is an easily made error when using for the first time.

All arrangements are completed through your account after both you and your sitter have confirmed the arrangement then you can communicate away from the site, exchanging personal contact details for convenience and it gives another way to connect.

If you need any more help please feel free to ask.