How to remove listing?

Hello, I feel a bit stupid. I have agreed a sitter and requested a confirmation from them. I’d like to remove my listing, so I don’t keep receiving applications but I can’t for the life of me work out how to do this! I can’t seem to find a step by step guide of how to post and then remove a listing. Apologies if this is obvious but I need some guidance. Thanks, Charlotte

Hi @Lottiemillar, it’s not a silly question! Until your sitter agrees to the sit, it is not confirmed so you don’t want to remove it yet. What you can do is pause your listing from your Inbox so that no other sitters can apply. As soon as your sitter agrees, your listing will not be live for other sitters to contact you. Hope this helps.


Amazing - thank you! I’ve paused my listing for now, whilst I wait for the sitter to confirm. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@Lottiemillar looks like @temb has answered your question-
Did you know that you can mark this thread as solved ?

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Hi there. No i didn’t know that & I can’t work out how to do it. I can’t see an option for resolved. I am doing this from my phone, just in case that makes a difference to functionality

@Jenny can you help @Lottiemillar with this ?

Hi @Silversitters

Thanks for tagging me, I figured it out!

It looks like @Lottiemillar posted their question in our Welcome category which doesn’t seem to allow the option to pick a solution. That’s a decision that pre-dates me so I’ll need to see if it’s something we can change!

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Jenny :slight_smile: