How to cancel a confirmed listing?

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately our next dog-sitting has to be cancelled.
No disappointment for us, as we shall be able to go later on…

Our trouble is now : the owner doesn’t manage to cancel the listing date.

I read a previous thread by @Boodie and could see @Angela-HeadOfCommunity explained and showed a screenshot of how it should appear on the app.

But on the screenshot my owner shows me no button “delete” appears close to the dates we are confirmed !

Can someone help / explain to me ? so I can tell my lovely owner how to proceed.

Thank you all !

hi @Françoise-et-Youn I’m sorry you have had a sit cancel but it can happen, I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator who can help you with this when she is back online.

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thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity, I shall wait for @Therese-Moderator

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Hi @Françoise-et-Youn On the App … If the homeowner goes to My Sitters, presses on the little speak bubble on the right hand side of the Sitters photo, Applications, & Invites. Press the blue bar, and press on the dates concerned, scroll down right down It is not very clear … Unconfirm sitter.

If they go to the website, it is easier, as it is on top on the inbox messages.
I hope this makes it a bit clearer.

Thanks @Therese-Moderator : I’ll copy and paste your message for them…
I’ll let you know how it works !