How to pause/cancel my listing

Over the last month I’ve had 29 No’s to my invitations (‘Can’t do those dates’) and 15 No Replies (44 total). So I’ve come to the very happy decision to take my Border Collie with me on my French holiday in August.
I was surprised that there was so little interest from sitters, even those with blue for the relevant dates.
But I can’t find a way of cancelling my posting. Help please.

Hi @Lorimer I’m sorry that you have so far been unsuccessful in finding a sitter for Tanza Samson and your home, the start date is not until August 16th and so you do still have time as many sitters do leave it closer to dates to apply and with new members joining every day the sitter who is right for you and your furry family could become available.

Certainly we appreciate that after all of the outreach you have done you may feel that success is not going to happen this time and we know that for pet parents/owners confirming pet care arrangements is always the priority but rest assured there are other pet parents/owners who have been in your position and found success, with a little help from the community.

If you add your listing to your forum profile this will give our member the opportunity to view your listing, “meet” you and offer feedback help and advice which has helped others in the past. This link will explain how you can do this or just say the word and one of the Admins can add this for you. How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I am also adding how you can cancel your dates, if you decide this is best for you.

Please do connect with the community and ask any questions you may have.