Listing Date Change Not Being Accepted

Hello, I have a sitter who became ill and has not arrived. I am trying to update the dates, but the system keeps giving me an error message. I suspect the problem is that it overlaps with dates that I originally thought were committed to. This seems to also prevent my reaching out to pet sitters in my region. I am quite frustrated and have had difficulty getting through to support. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hi @leslieyarmo Welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry to hear that your sitter is poorly and unable to come I am now speaking with our Membership Services Team for you.

You will receive an email shortly from Carla explaining how this can be changed. It’s nothing you are doing wrong there is a slight glitch in the system which we are working on.

Welcome again, this is the Forum working at it’s best to help and support our members, I hope you will enjoy being part of our forum community from now on and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey.

If there is anyway we can help you with finding a replacement please don’t hesitate to ask.

Angela and the Team


Thank you! It is frustrating to have paid for this membership and yet have only a bot in the “live message” option, only an outgoing message on the phone, and only an automatic response to an email:(

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Hi again @leslieyarmo we really do understand your frustrations and perhaps I can alleviate some of your concerns here. Since the pandemic, due to furloughs and unavoidable redundancies we have been working with a much reduced Membership Services Team, over reduced hours.

As our members start to become more active, with more owners and sitters traveling, we’re starting to experience a substantial increase of incoming emails and messages, we are currently recruiting which is not the easiest of tasks as our Membership Services Team are of the highest calibre and require skills as unique as our business, they have to be pet lovers as well as highly skilled communicators and of course new starters have to be trained but we are committed to bringing our Membership Services Team back to a full complement just as soon as we possibly can, resuming the excellent service which we have always provided.

In the meantime we appreciate everyone’s patience and apologise for any inconvenience this temporary situation may be causing.


leslieyarmo - Could you not cancel the current sit and relist with the new dates?

I have tried several times but keep getting error messages

I do not see where I can cancel. Perhaps it is because the pet sitting dates began on May 31st…?

I just reset the dates for a needed sitter. I’m a bit desperate. The approved sitter felt ill THE DAY she was due to arrive and neighbors have been caring for my cat while I hoped she would make a quick recovery. I’ve tried to invite a few sitters who live nearby, but the system won’t let me send invites to them. It says that I need to add dates, but when I add dates, I still can’t send the invites. I’m a mess because it is now 10 days that my cat is alone. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thank you!

Hello Leslie and firstly sorry you are having difficulties with your invites, but I’m sure we can help you get this resolved. We’ve passed this directly to membership services and someone will be in touch by email to help you. Take care. Vanessa

Hi @leslieyarmo I didn’t see any mention of where you’re located. Can you share that, so that others here will know if they can help?


My home is in Salisbury Maryland. Someone got back to me and changed the dates of my posting (pushing it to Monday) so that I can send invites.


Hello Vanessa,
Although I do not fault Sharon for getting sick, I do think her lack of communication is worthy of review.
Since she never actually came through for the cat-sitting, is that not possible?

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Hi Leslie. First of all I really hope you found a replacement to look after your cat for the remainder of your time away. I don’t think it’s possible to do a review if a sit was cancelled prior to it starting. Although it’s extremely rare, there is always the possibility that someone can’t get to a sit because of illness or an emergency that’s outside everyone’s control. We always hope that communication is maintained at the highest level but depending on the circumstances that’s not always possible. Membership services are there to help through these unfortunate situations where they are able and will assist where they can with helping you find a short notice replacement. We obviously want all our members to have the best of experiences and it’s disappointing if this isn’t achieved, so please do reach out to membership services again if you feel this is still unresolved for you in anyway.