Unable to add new dates?

I keep getting this message whenever I try to add new dates.

I’ve tried getting in touch with the help team a few times but no replies. Anyone knows why?


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HI @oliver1990 Welcome to the forum and I’m sorry you’re having issues trying to edit the dates on your listing, I’m going to look into this and get back to you.

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Can you please let me know the dates you are trying to add @oliver1990

Hi Angela, it’s 3 Oct till 10 Oct 2021. Thanks.


Hi @oliver1990 all done, the dates are now on your listing, it was an old bug causing the issue.

Thanks, Angela.



currently I have exactly the same problem, I would like to add the time from 12/28/21 till 01/28/22 but I keep getting the same error message…

Could you please help…

Thanks you and best regards


Hi @wernerr13 we’re sorry that you’re having this issue, but pleased that you have a sitter for your dates. To get this matter resolved and get the sit in the system with your sitters confirmed I will tag @Therese-Moderator to help with this and she will connect with your directly.

Hi @wernerr13 I have emailed you from our membership services and confirmed your sitters.
Kind regards Therese

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Hello @Therese-Moderator, thank you very much.
Sitters are assigned now.
Is there a way that I can see whether the welcome guide has been shared with the sitters?
I just completed it i bit more (I wrote an own document before) and shared it, but there is no confirmation.

thank you and kind regards


@wernerr13 If you go to your dashboard and look at the count-down clock … You would have already shared if it says … Update your Welcome guide. If you want to add anything, press this and add and edit … everything is instant, so your sitters will have all the immediate updates. I hope this helps and let me know if you need any further assistance.
Kind regards Thereses


Hi, I currently have exactly the same problem as @oliver1990 and @wernerr13. Please help, I need a new sitter very urgent and I’m not able to add new dates! The date I need to save and publish is 12th of February to 30th of March.

Thank you,

Hi @LiaLove I’m passing this over to Membership Services Team who will contact you.

The reason you can’t add the dates is you have current active ones which began onJanuary 29th, these need to be cancelled before you can add new ones.

Someone from the team will contact you via email.

Thank you! Because I can’t cancel them by myself, and also my listing isn’t live anymore although I never stopped the application.

@Angela-CommunityManager Hi I’m having exactly the same problem and tried contacting help but never received a reply. I am am trying to add the dates 23/4/2022 until 30/4/22.

Hi @Kris81 I tried to add also and have forwarded to our Membership Services Team for their help and advise. Thank you.

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