How does sitter accept amended new dates?

Hi there!

I’ve got applications for my upcoming sit, with one that we’re happy to confirm. We changed the return date which the sitter is fine with, however they’re new to the site and can’t seem to find out how to accept the amended date. Can anyone show me a screenshot of what it looks like their end please so I can help her do this and get her confirmed please??
I’ve also ‘invited to private dates’ to maybe see if she could do it that way, but as of yet no luck so I’m in limbo with it my end.

Thanks so much!

Hi @NikkiG, have you removed your original dates? The sitter usually receives a message notifying them of the change and asking are they still available in which case your sitter should have clicked ‘yes’. A private invitation still requires a sitter to “apply”, be confirmed by owner and then agree to the sit.
Why not exchange emails or mobile numbers so your sitter can send you a screenshot of what they are looking at. Good luck!

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