Changing dates

Hello, I’ve had another owner need to change the dates of our sit and I’d like to ask them to change the dates in the system - right now it’s still the original dates and I’d rather not look booked then, besides the other good reasons to keep it accurate. How do they do that? Last time this happened the owner didn’t know how so they cancelled and we took it off-site, but I’d like to point these owners towards instructions on changing dates of a confirmed sit if possible. Thank you!

The HO needs to contact member services or they need to :
*cancel :- unconfirm this sit
*send you a private invitation - still through THS with the adjusted dates -they click invite to sit on your profile / it comes to your THS inbox
*you then apply
*HO confirms
*You click “agree to sit “

Might just be easier to ask member services if they can change the dates .

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Ah thank you! That explains why they couldn’t figure out how to change. I’ll contact the homeowner and give them those options.