HO postponed sit (advice from experienced sitters please)

We (hubby and I) are fairly new to THS so we’re trying to read and learn all we can. We’ve been asked back to a sit but the HO had to postpone bc of a family health emergency. We’ve agreed about potential new date but we are currently supposed to be on the original sit dates NOW. I’ve asked the HO to change dates in THS and they said they would after they confirm work approval for dates which they said would be by end of day yesterday. My question is, what are the repercussions of not actually doing a sit in the system? I know there will be a sit with no reviews and that bothers me. What else should we worry about or what actions should we take if HO doesn’t actually do any system changes? Thanks!

Hi @KarenAndMark and welcome.
If the homeowners are unable to remove the current dates I would contact Membership Services and ask them to do it.
Once the homeowners are in a position to confirm dates they can send you a private invitation and the listing will not go public.
That way there will be no missing review on your profile (very important if you are just starting out).
Hope that makes sense and Good Luck

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Thank you. I just didn’t want it to look like WE canceled.

If they haven’t gotten to it by tomorrow, you can ask them again. It can be done anytime, now or in the future, by the HO.

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The homeowner needs to remove the dates. Sitters cannot do it.
As you say, if they remain it will look like the sit went ahead and you didn’t get a review.
Don’t worry - I am sure it can be sorted.


@KarenAndMark if the sit dates have already started then I believe that only member services can cancel it , the host have to contact them to request it .