HO not now active

Just appreciate advice and maybe different points of view here.
We applied for a sit last summer which the HO cancelled due to her own holiday being cancelled.
We were fine about this with the situation as it was, although the HO at the time let us know by voicemail and didnt respond when we sent them a message to say we understood her situation.
Same HO later advertised dates later in the year to which we didnt re apply as we then had other sits booked and the dates overlapped.
As HO had no response to later dates they re contacted us. We explained that we werent available but did explian that if she’d kept in touch with us about her arrangements we’d have happily kept the dates free.
Afew weeks ago the HO contacted us by email to ask if we could sit for them the dates in july that we’d agreed to last year.
We were happy to accept this and agreed. However ive just noticed that her account is no longer active on TH.
Obviously we liked the look of the sit and where it is. But do feel HO been abit cheeky, getting an agreement from us to sit for her and then not re newing her TH membership.
We’ve agreed now and would feel bad not going ahead but also feel we are fully paid up members and prefer to complete our sits this way.
Opinions appreciated. Thanks.

If it were me, I would tell them I can sit for them only if done, per original arrangement, through THS so you will have membership support, vet support and so their review will appear on your profile. If you have an upper tier membership with THS insurance protections, you can also cite this as a reason.

If not done through THS or another house sitting platform, I would want to be paid for my services and would discuss this option with the HO if you are still interested in taking the sit under these conditions.


Hi @Gina I will DM you …

There is always the chance that the owner is not aware that her membership has expired, if a member has notifications turned off and is not on auto renewal there is every chance that is the case.

@mars positions the reasons for the sit to be through the site perfectly and also you will want your review.

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Thanks Angela and mars.
Yes it had occurred to me that the HO may be unaware that the membership hasnt renewed.
We are now thinking it may be worth us emailing just to let them know before making a more informed decision.