Can I contact a HO when a sit is no longer showing as available or as a 'live' sit


So I saw a sit yesterday I really wanted to apply for!!

It’s not showing as live today though & when I go on to my Web history & click on the page, it comes up with the bit on the listing where it says ’ no sitter needed.’

It was showing between 0-3 applicants yesterday & was due to start in a couple of weeks!!

Not sure if no longer showing as a ‘live’ sit as a sitter has been found or possibly that there were no applicants so she took down to make other arrangements as sit was due to start in a couple of weeks time or her plans could of changed.

If you have messaged a HO previously, you can send them a further message, however if you haven’t & the listing is no longer showing as ‘live’ as far as I am aware there is no option to contact or message them!?

Anyway my question is is there any way I can I contact the HO to express my interest re the sit!?

That way if she has a sitter & something falls through she has another option or if she hadn’t found a sitter & took down to make other arrangements then she will know someone is available & interested. If her plans have changed then that’s no prob’s but I would have made contact so she would have the option of contacting me re future sits & dates!!

@Therese-Moderator, @Angela-CommunityManager - are you able to help with this at all!?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Just want to get a message to her to say if she still needs a sitter I would like to apply & to make contact!!

Many thanks


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I don’t think you would be able to do that. It appears that applying to the listing is what opens up the line of communication between the sitters and owners as far as the sitter initiating contact.

She likely found a sitter and took the listing down–we are often chosen for sits that were posted very recently (within a few hours) and were the first and maybe only applicants before being offered it. I think many owners read messages quickly, and if they see someone they like , move on it right away, especially if the sit is coming up soon.

You may already be aware of these two things but in case not: You can favorite a listing (the heart in the upper corner), and owners can reach out to people who have done so. You can also set a search alert for that specific town or city.

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Sometimes a HO has direct-messaged a sitter, but when they make the posting, they don’t do it as a private invitation they just do it like normal, on the site. If that happens, you could have seen it between the time that the HO posted it and the sitter accepted.

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Hi @Fluffball I’m sorry you missed the chance on this occasion but as @KC1102 you can add to your favorites and set up a saved search for the location as once a listing is inactive you cannot message the owner.

Good luck for next time.


If you have had a previous conversation with a HO, you can continue the conversation whether or not there is a sit listed.

If there’s no previous contact, there’s no way to communicate with a HO.

Thank you @PetSitterBug you are absolutely correct, if there is an existing connection through the messaging system @Fluffball you can pick that up of course.

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Hi Angela

If I see a sit I am really interested in but cannot do the dates I sometimes contact the HO to express an interest. It gives them a chance to read our profile/references and start a dialogue.
I try to keep these messages to an absolute minimum.

I can only do this by applying for their listed dates which I don’t like doing as it may give them false hope that they have a definite application. Also as they have had contact from a sitter would that invalidate their refund if they failed to get a sitter or any further interest?

HI @Twitcher I will tag @Therese-Moderator to clarify the refund issue … thank you for being considerate and asking. I do know the T&C’s which apply regarding use of the membership, but will confirm with Therese to be 100% clear

Hi @Twitcher I will email you through membership services.
Kind regards

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gosh, please don’t? Can you please reply here? I’m curious too.