Potential Sitter "Inactive for Now"

Hello, I’m new to THS and looking for my first sitter for a few days over Christmas with not much luck so far!
I received a message from a sitter in my area last week and we agreed to meet later today. She was very friendly and quick to reply but I’ve just gone to message her to confirm the details and her profile says ‘inactive for now’ and I’m unable to message her.
Does this mean she’s disabled her account?


@CandP hi and welcome to the forum. Sorry this is your first post that relates to a potential sitter missing in action. I am tagging @Therese-Moderator to look into it for you so she will be reaching out to get more info.

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She may have been suspended by THS. That just happened with my last sitter because she did concurrent sits and lied about staying at my house.

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Perhaps she didn’t renew her subscription? It’s good to exchange phone numbers etc. ASAP.

Hi @CandP and speaking as a sitter as far as I know there is no way to make my account inactive. If I am unavailable for a period of time I state it at the top of my profile and try to make it obvious from the calendar. The calendar is very clunky so this isn’t always possible.
Hope the matter is sorted soon :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for all your suggestions on this

@Timmy thanks for the advice o swapping phone numbers. I was thinking it was safer to hold off exchanging personal details until we’d met but perhaps this is unnecessary.

@Twitcher that’s good to know thank you. Perhaps I’ve not been ‘ghosted’ after all!


It’s a good idea to get a phone number as soon as possible. Good luck!

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Hi @CandP, that labelling is usually for someone whose membership has not been renewed. If this is the case, and you go ahead with using them, be aware you will not have backup support from THS if anything goes wrong.


Hi @CandP I have forwarded your question to the Membership Services Team and have asked them to connect with you to support and advise.

Just my two cents, I would not use any sitter or owner whose listing says inactive for now - even if you did exchange numbers or emails. @temba brings up a great point. If the owner/sitter isn’t a member at the time of the stay and something goes wrong, you are completely on your own. Too risky…

I hope that everything works out though