'Inactive for now'

Applicant we have been speaking to has been greyed out of msges and says ‘inactive for now’ soon after we had a call with her. What does this mean? has she blocked us?

We have just joined THS. We found an applicant we liked - confirmed a sit which she then went and canceled a week later. Now we are struggling to find anyone who seems to be remotely suitable. very disappointed. Struggling to understand what Im paying for at this point.

any advice pls!

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Welcome @ChristinaP
This has come up before and the answer given was

So your applicant hasn’t blocked you they are no longer THS members .
If you have another way of contacting her ( phone number ) you can ask her if she is going to renew her membership before the date of your sit .
Or make private arrangements with them but you won’t get any THS support or be covered by THS insurance if the sit is arranged with someone who is not a paid up member.

You should also check with member services that this is not a sitter who has been suspended (Updated) Confirmed House Sitter Profile No Longer Active - Phone # Not Working - What Should I do?


@ChristinaP very very disheartening for you, totally understand. I can see why it doesn’t leave much faith in the system when this happens first up.

Only today another HO has had the same issue and turns out the sitter is actually currently suspended furthering investigation. Would be very coincidental if it were one and the same but it’s possible, or a similar situation.

I would, as Silversitters has mentioned, contact Support to check whether in fact this is the case. Woops @Silversitters, we posted at the same time :laughing:

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I got a further update from customer support that the sitter was “permanently banned” and that there is a “pending investigation”. I don’t know if that means by THS or police but either way that’s very serious. So “inactive for now” could also be very serious and not just an issue with no renewing the payment on time.

Definitely contact customer support, and if the name started with a Z it’s probable we have the same sitter problem @ChristinaP.

I did read something recently where a HO couldn’t reveal her name because her sitter was not only under TH investigation but also police investigation. Turns out she had stolen and used a large sum from the HO’s credit card she found on the sit. This is all hearsay but was written by the HO.

What has become of TH this past year :disappointed:

We asked customer service if the persons account would look like that if it had been blocked/suspended. They said yes.

Then asked if their account had been blocked… to which they said they cant say.


I would take that as a yes @ChristinaP. When are you going away and where do you live? I do hope you find someone suitable soon

Thanks @ziggy I’m in London going away mid December. I know there’s still time but I would like the peace of mind having something booked in sooner than later.

Hoping THS isn’t all horror stories and there are good stories and sitters out there !

@ChristinaP you can add your listing to your forum profile - then forum members will be able to see it .

@ChristinaP yes there are definitely good sitters out there, you have had a tough break unfortunately. It’s happening far too often since certain rules were brought into place.

As you are looking for a sitter mid December, I would push it pretty hard now as it can be a difficult time and there are many outstanding sits for this period. Being London though, you shouldn’t have a problem.

As Silversitters has kindly mentioned, attaching your listing to your profile here could possibly be of great value. I wish you well :pray:

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There are loads of decent sitters, in fact brilliant sitters, out there @ChristinaP - London is always sought after too so add your listing here as @ziggy says and members can help with tips & advice and you’ll be off. I’d get a wriggle on though, it’s quite soon :raised_hands:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: