“Inactive for now” vs “Former member”

Hi, I just had a mildly negative experience with a sitter. This was her first sit, she had no other reviews, only character references. A couple of days after the sit ended, her profile became unavailable, and under our chat messages it says “Inactive for now”.

I have other conversations with some members that say “Inactive for now”, and others that say “Former member”. I was wondering what the difference is?

My assumption would be that her membership lapsed, but the timing is so strange. Are sitter memberships much shorter than owner memberships? Did her membership just happen to expire right after her first sit ended?

This is not really relevant to the question, but she left my house in a strange state. At the surface level things were put back in their place, but there was a lot of outside debris tracked through the house, mystery red sauce spilled in multiple rooms (and on the fridge, microwave, and on some “clean” put away dishes), weed crumbs on my coffee table, ashes on the bookcase, spilled laundry soap in the cupboard, couch cushion on backwards… And I can’t find my cat’s new laser pointer anywhere. Nothing so egregious, but seemed like she might have had a “fun” night and then didn’t have time to clean up before leaving early the next day. Combined with her profile going inactive right after, the situation feels strange and is bugging me, so wanted to see if anyone had any insight.

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I’m wondering whether she was actually doing a “free trial” which THS has just started offering @lilac. Otherwise it certainly seems very strange indeed.

I wonder if she’s one of the sitters that has been suspended whilst investigated by THS? It’s come up on the forum before. I’d reach out to support and ask them for info @lilac - it might explain a few things. You can talk to the chat bot and ask to speak to a human to find out more too.

Very interesting, that sounds likely!

That’s a good idea. I hadn’t reviewed her yet though, and she seemed nice enough in our chat prior.

@Cuttlefish my thoughts exactly :thinking:

Also, you are probably not able to leave a review on her nor will she be able to review you

Are you sure it was her 1st sit? I ask because if a sitter doesn’t get a review, that sit doesn’t show up. Which is something I believe needs to be changed.

Hello @lilac Welcome to the community forum it is so nice to have you here. I can see that you have got some great information already from our helpful community.

As this does come up often I can help a little further with some of your questions.

‘Inactive for now’ means a member whose plan has expired and needs to renew their membership.

‘Former member’ means anyone who has requested their personal information be removed from THS, as we have to meet the requirements for GDPR and UK data protection laws.

With the sitter’s free trial, I checked this one and should the sitter confirm a sit during their free trial their auto-renewal payment will be in place so that their membership automatically renews at the end of the free trial for the remainder of the year. Their free trial would then roll over into a full yearly membership. Membership Services is also happy to answer any questions about the free trial at support@trustedhousesitters.com

I am really sorry to read that you had this experience with your sitter and any concerns please do reach out to Membership Services for additional support.