Former Members

Looking at a new listing and I go to read the feedback from the previous sitters - I see this It says “ Former Member” No photo no name

But also a different sitter

There is a name and photo but I can’t click on their profile …. my understanding is that this means they are former members… but why does one say former member and the other one has a name and photo ….

Does anyone know the answer ?

I have wondered the same! We have one past host where it says ‘Former Member’ and others where you cannot click on their photo to see their profiles. I have concluded, but would love it confirmed or denied, that the unclickable members are those whose membership has temporarily lapsed, perhaps because they don’t currently need the service. Former Member looks more like someone who has well and truly cancelled their membership. I would not be surprised if that was the case for our ‘Former Member’ host as they were just too nervous and suspicious to have enjoyed having us as sitters! Despite everything going perfectly well and no animals being there. They refused to give a review & were just plain awkward and tricky to deal with. So we were their first and last sitters!

Hi @Lokstar @Silversitters I also noticed this recently where a profile wouldn’t open when you click on their photo. I had actually been in contact with them and it appears as @Lokstar mentioned that their membership had temporarily lapsed as they hadn’t had a need for a sitter for a while and now they have renewed, their profile now opens just fine.
Also to confirm the “Former Member” header means just that, they are former members of the website.

Thanks @Samox24 but I still don’t understand the difference between “former member “ and someone who hasn’t renewed their membership ?

Hi @Silversitters if members have turned off their auto renewal they could lapse on their membership, hence when you click on the profile which won’t open until they go in and renew their membership. Once your membership expires THS will keep your data for two years. This includes your profile and or listing reviews/feedback so you can renew anytime during this period. Within this two year period you will be able to see all your data once you renew. Two years after your membership has expired all your data will be deleted. Members can also request to delete their profile and all of this data at anytime that they choose, in other words if they don’t want to leave it dormant for the 2 years (mentioned above where they can renew at any time), they can request MS to delete their profile and data immediately and will no longer be members of the website, hence “Former Members”. This would also account for any members that have been banned for whatever reason. Hope this clarifies but if not then please let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes thank you @Samox24 for that explanation, I understand now .

So does that mean that all reviews/ feedback by former members is also deleted?

Hi @Silversitters reviews will remain on a sitter’s profile after an owner’s membership has expired, (whereby they have 2 years in which to renew as explained previously), but if your question is asking purely about “Former Members” whereby owners details have been deleted after the mandatory 2 years, you would need to follow this up with Membership Services by emailing them at

Thank you @Samox24 its exactly as I thought- thanks for confirming! :blush: