How to change dates on a confirmed sit?

We’ve a confirmed sit, however after discussion with the homeowner, the dates need to be changed. Since it will reflect on our availability calendar, it’s important that the dates of the sit are correct.

The owner, while experience on the website, isn’t able to see how to update/change the dates. Being that we don’t see the homeowner interface, we’d like to help advise, but can’t.

Does anyone know how this is done? A screenshot or a step by step would be super appreciated!!

One of mine needed to be changed a couple of years ago, if I recall correctly the homeowner actually needed to reach out to TH to have the dates changed.

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Hi @ScrewTheAverage once the sit is confirmed that dates can’t be changed via the member’s dashboards.

This is the process for changing the dates:

  • The owner can un-confirm you, the sitter via their Inbox
  • Send an invite to the new agreed dates
  • You both re-confirm the sit.

Or you and the owner can send Membership Services confirmation of the new dates and they will manually update for you.


Thank you both @Angela-CommunityManager and @Lindsay !

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we just did that! I love problem solving :paw_prints: