How to Change Dates?

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I’m a sitter but have run into this issue a few times and don’t know what to suggest to the homeowner when it happens. I’m hoping someone here can help me understand what’s possible.

Is there a way to change the dates of the sit, either before the sit/sitter accepts / confirms the sit or after? In both cases where we’ve run into this we moved forward showing the original dates, but it would be less confusing if the dates shown we’re accurate.

Thanks for any insights you can share about what’s possible from the homeowner’s side.



@OnTheGlobalRoad I can’t help, but I’ve experienced the same situation and we also did the sit for the revised date while the website continued to show the original dates. In our case it was only 1 day difference.

I’m not sure to understand your question. So my answer might be stupid…

If you and the owner agrees for a change of dates, only the owner can change the dates on his listing. Then, if the dates change, automatically there is a message sent by THS telling dates have changed. To all applicants.

the owner who has selected you (without confirming which would be noticed to all others) can invite you privately with his “good” dates, the ones you prefer, the ones which match between you and him/her

Hi @OnTheGlobalRoad

When dates need to be changed it needs to be done on the owner’s side, we have a few FAQ’s on how to change the dates before the sit, when the sitter is confirmed and during a sit.

Before you are confirmed for the sit, the owner can change their dates in the ‘manage dates’ section of their dashboard, as Provence said, this will then show all sitters there was a date change.

If you are confirmed and the dates need to be changed, the owner would either need to unconfirm you and then change the dates and reconfirm you, or they can reach out to us in Membership Services. There would need to be clear communication either on the site or in another email from you that both of you have agreed to the date change.

If the sit is ongoing and you need to change the dates you will need to email us in Membership Services to get this date changed over by us. Again with confirmation from both members.

Hope that helps.


Perfect! Thanks!

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Great to know this information.

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