How do I cancel my HO listing?

We don’t think we will be taking our trip now. How can I cancel my listing please? I am sure i must be missing something obvious! Thank you.

Hi @Boodie I have removed the dates on your listing and it is now showing “No sitter needed” if you do find that you are able to take this trip, or any others, then simply add your dates as needed.

What would be appreciated by any sitters who have applied, is to let them know that you will not be traveling as planned and consequently have removed your dates.

Thank you

Thank you Angela, much appreciated. One of the reasons that contributed to our decision not to go was the lack of appropriate applicants, but I had already contacted any who had applied.

For future reference, can a listing only be removed by TH Admin?

Hi @Boodie you can remove the dates yourself, just go into your dashboard, “Your Dates” open this box you will find a add/remove dates option

Your listing dates were into the Spring of 2022 and would be a lovely opportunity. You have the option to relist a little nearer the time to open it up to more applicants.

These are very different times with many sitters making later applications, although I also know how important it is to have pet care arranged as soon as you can. Thank you for letting the current applicants know about your change of plans.

Do let us know if we can help in any other way.

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Thank you! i just could not find that option and now I know!

Our dates are usually advertised reasonably in advance as we just cannot afford to book things like long distance flights without being certain we have a sitter. We are now 4 months away, which in the grand scheme of things is not really far away for a planned holiday, and my hope was that some sitters would also like to have something planned in advance! But as you say, these are different times, with a smaller pool of sitters (due to not wanting to risk international sitters booking travel and either side being let down if there are any new restrictions) then I think this may be another year where holidays are out for us!

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Hi Boodie,
I am definitely a planner and appreciate (Very much) advance planning and notice. So I give you 5 stars for that and there must be more of us, “planners”, out there!

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