My Sitter Canceled Due To Health

My sitter just canceled due to health reasons. Should I repost for the same dates to try again?
I still have a few weeks until I leave on my trip.
Suggestions welcome.
Mary Jean


Hi @Kayaker1
Welcome to the Forum but what a shame that your sitter has had to cancel due to health reasons.
Have you cancelled the dates on your dashboard ? I recommend that you put a message on your communication with him/her that you have cancelled the dates due to their illness. This covers you as THS will be able to see that it was the sitter that had to cancel and not you.
Then, yes, once cancelled, the dates should show as live. Your listing should move up to the top of the queue to look like a new listing so sitters will be able to view it now.
Good luck


When you cancel that sitter who sadly cannot do your sit due to ill health, your listing should become “live” again but not necessarily a new listing which is what you want. As @Itchyfeet says, if you then remove your dates for a short period (an hour) then re-list, it should become New once again.

@Kayaker1 you can add your listing to your forum profile and someone on this forum
might see and apply -

There is also a last minute section of this forum-if your sit is coming up soon , one of the moderators can post it in that section too . @Carla_C

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@Kayaker1 I have DM’d you to help add it for you, just let me know :slight_smile: