Sitter cancelled, how to relist sit dates as NEW

i am paniced - i arranged the sit on Sept 1 for 10/26-12/1. Sitters just cancelled on 10/7. We have tickets for europe and hotels and airbnbs…If we can’t get anyone, my husband will stay here to watch cats, and i’ll go alone…

Have you reposted it? You might want to make it more attractive by offering use of a car. Where are you located? You will get a lot of support here. Don’t start worrying yet!

I can’t figure out how to repost it from the site, where do i do that?

@Angela-CommunityManager or @Vanessa-Admin will assist you or other homeowners out there. Keep calm, all will work out.

hi Mars
thanks for trying to help. I’m in portland oregon and have a really cool house that is in the forest and close to everything very quickly from here. I do have a car, and i guess i can sweeten the pot with that, you do need a car here. I wish the site made it easier to find this info, i’ve been emailing them with no response since yesterday

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As @mars said, They will help to boost your post with your permission. They will respond by morning I am certain.
Many sitters are looking right now and you have a very desirable location and pet for a nice long term sit.
Maybe even someone here will respond.

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Did you have any others who were interested that you could go back to and consider? The car would sweeten the pot for many and your location OR is great. Many look for long sits, you could even search for a sitter and see who is available by filtering out dates and contacting them. Just re post it and breathe-I am sure many will come forward! Good luck!

Hi all
My sit is re posted! i did offer an airbnb for people who live out of area (for the day before).
I am starting to calm down, so thanks everybody!


I agree with other members you may try to invite privately sitters who are in your state or not too far. Be careful with the dates. Don’t contact the ones who have not indicated their avaibility dates(in green) when it’s left white, it’s useless.
Did your sitter give an explanation for their cancellation ? I did not know it was so easy…

@Marlaf welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry to hear about the sitter cancellation, thank you to everyone who has given help and support.

@Marlaf I have sent you a Direct Message for when you are back online, I’ve explained how we can give extra help with your listing and look forward to hearing back from you, when OR wakes up.

You have a lovely home in a truly “magical spot” as you so aptly describe it, also being a long sit, which many sitters prefer, I’m sure you will receive more applications.

Our forum community is supportive, helpful and has a world of pet and housesitting experience to share, which many have found to be of great benefit, we hope you will too.

Angela and the Team

well, being on here is certainly a lesson in TRUSTedhouesitting…A wonderful sounding couple responded to my NEW listing, in about 20 minutes (???). We immediately agreed its a go. I am so happy to host them here, but I’m noticing some sort of PTSD about it happening again! Maybe it had to happen on the first time i used the site, the worst thing happened, so now statistically it shouldn’t happen again…
thanks for the community for talking me down.


Hi @Marlaf that’s excellent news thank you for the update.

It’s natural that you might feel a little nervous as a new owner but cancellations are not the norm, most sit arrangements go smoothly and successfully.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask our community.