Cancelled sits

I don’t appear to be having much luck …. I’ve had a few sitters cancel within few weeks of the sit. My sit now has had 2 separate cancelled for December . I know things are beyond control but does anyone else have this problem?
How can I re advertise my sit as says I already have a sitter…… but he’s just cancelled :confounded:

Sorry to hear about this @Travelgran .

Did your sitter give a reason ?

You can ask member services to cancel the sit and explain ( with screenshots of the messages ) that it’s the sitter who cancelled not you . They can make sure your listing goes live again .

Thank you, yes he did. Has to go to US for work, the previous cancellation was found a longer sit ……… I have sent him a message to ask him to decline plus declined his sit . If nothing happens this eve then I’ll get In touch with ths.
I’ve had 4 people now cancel on me, one from Australia became inactive and left the site and didn’t tell me! Just happened to see it greyed out a month before.
Thank you for advice …:grinning:

The sitter cancelled which means you need to unconfirm the sitter. Once you unconfirm the sitter you can repost your dates as “new” dates, so they’ll show up for people. If there were any sitters you would have gone with, you can write them and find out if they are still interested. You can invite them to apply to your dates as “private dates.” If they accept the invitation, it doesn’t mean they are confirmed, it just means they are interested, so you can go from there as well. Inviting people to private dates will NOT limit the applicants.

@Travelgran had the sitter accepted the sit ? Did it appear on your dashboard ? If yes then it is a confirmed sit and as @Marion says you can cancel it .
However I would still contact THS member services to advise them that it was the sitter who cancelled not you . THS say that they keep a record of sitters who cancel without a good reason - but they don’t know unless you tell them - otherwise it looks like you cancelled the sit .

If the sit is not on your dashboard then it’s not a confirmed sit just an application - so not actually a cancellation.

If they had already confirmed your sit (officially in the app in response to you sending the invite and not just verbally) and then cancelled on you for a longer sit that’s very bad form! You should send the info to THS support so that they can keep track. If someone does this once they probably do it often. If they hadn’t totally confirmed then it’s allowed but a shame, and as others have said a lesson in locking things down quickly if you like the sitter.

Good luck finding someone, I really hope your next attempt is more successful!