Sitter Canceled

Sitter canceled with 20days notice. Premium membership cancellation only covers 14 days or less. And the last minute sits forum is for under 7 days. I reposted and boosted. Any other tips to get the dates filled? I’m super worried it won’t fill.

Given the number of unfilled sits – especially Christmas sits – I’d consider having a clear backup plan – which IMO is better than going with a sitter with some red flags. Start by reposting the sit. When your sit is down to the wire – 7 days, you can post a “last minute sit” thread. You could also post a thread today linking to your sit and asking for “help” in making your new listing the best it can be. There is also a facebook post with sits.

In your shoes, I would go back through your inbox and invite any great past sitters to apply privately. You can also invite others you didn’t choose but think would do a good job. You should check their profiles first to see if they aren’t booked for those dates. You can also look at sitters who favorited your listing previously, and even local sitters and contact them as well with private invitations. The invitations are not acceptances. They are invitations to APPLY for the sit, so you can still screen people and decide.


Where are you located? Put your link in your profile so people here can see your listing.

There are still plenty of sitters looking for sits just post and act quickly with suitable applicants.


@Jreamer85 , welcome to the forum. Do as @Enjaybee suggests and add your listing to your forum profile. For instructions, click here: How to add your listing to your forum profile

By doing this, you’ll reach forum readers —of which there are almost 14,000, and we will be able to give you feedback that could make your listing more effective.

And with your permission, the community managers, @Jenny or @Carla can also post your listing to THS social media. To make this request, send a DM to one of them. Good luck.


Thanks all!! We got the spot filled!! Appreciate you all!!