Help sitter cancelled on me

what can i do when I can’t get a replacement sitter? I have sent out over 40 emails to applicants in our area… this is so frustrating

how long before the sit ?

If it’s less than 7 days you can post your listing in the last minute section.

If you are a Premium member and the cancellation is less than 14 days you maybe covered by the sit guarantee.

@kbornsea you could pull the listing down and repost so it says “new.”

Once you post again…look back at the edit dates, is there a “boost dates” option for you?

Not that this helps per se but thsitters that cancel should be reported, if you think it worthy.

Good luck.


no I haven’t hit the 7 day mark yet. I am not a premium member . thank you for your reply

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I don’t think I have the boost option for my account. I did repost the dates as I edited them so I am hoping that it says new but I don’t see that option.

@kbornsea Sorry to hear this. If you link your listing to your profile, members can see it and give you feedback that may help you attract candidates. How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile
Best of luck.


Yes, because it does not work this way.

There are no “applicants” in your area. Almost all of those with a membership in your area are sitters that want to travel somewhere else. Why would they take care of a dog in their own town for free?


Hope you find someone, I tried looking at your post, but it wont let me . Looks like you’re in SC. I have to say to others on here who have said locals wont pet sit for you because they want to travel. I actually would help someone out in this situation if it were near me as I have the ability to work from their home, so I dont think its accurate to tell people that, everyone is different and just because you may not do that does not mean that there are a number of folks who would, including me.


yes I understand that , so you don’t have to get nasty. I have been a member for about 5 years now and I know how it works. I was only looking for positive feed back and BTW I have had people in my area sit for me through THS. Some people don’t have the luxury of a lake house so it is considered a perfect vaction spot for even people who do live in my area.

Your terminology gave me the impression that you were a new member. I was only trying to explain and to be helpful.

@kbornsea The link that you attached brings me to my own dashboard, but since you have your location in s.c. listed, I found your listing. Your lake house and pups look great. I can see why you are targeting semi-local folks who would enjoy a relaxing getaway. Your photos are inviting, but I would add a photo of the guest bathroom. Have you reached out to invite any of your previous sitters? Perhaps one could return or may know of someone in their network who would be interested and available. It looks like a dream sit, so hopefully you will get some wonderful applicants soon. Best of luck!

Thank you @Southernsitter for letting us know the attached link is not working.

@kbornsea I have now fixed your profile link for you.

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A few things I can see that might make this more attractive to sitters. It’s a relatively short sit, and now last minute so consider eliminating the bit about shampooing the dogs or moderate it – as in if they go into the Lake they might need. If this can be done easily – with a hose outside, make that clear. It’s a lot on a one week sit.

Is there a car available or will sitters need their own?

Are there any rowboats, kayaks or anything they can borrow for going out on the lake?

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Plenty of people do local sits to get experience and good reviews. Some also want a break from their current living situation - maybe to get away from roommates/parents/spouses, maybe to live in a nicer house, etc. They may not be actively looking for sits, but they might be interested if approached.

Fewer than one in forty, I think.

And those could also petsit locally in a nice house and get paid.

Just in case…

thank you . I will definately add the private bathrooom to my post. that is an excellent idea. Yes I have contacted all my previous sitters. I may have a prospect.

Thank you again for your help.


thank you for your help

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I also would help out locally if a pet owner was left in the lurch. While I wouldn’t be able to stay overnight (I have my own cats) if you were nearby I would help. So maybe keep trying. And also try folks who are a quick train or flight away. Good luck!


I’ve done sits in my own town multiple times to get the reviews.

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