Help sitter cancelled on me

I have a regular sitter who does it full-time. When not on a sit she stays at her sister’s a few miles from me, and if she’s in town she is always happy to come here for me just to have a place all to herself. She does the same for another woman here in town, whom I have also sat for.

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Same. I’m helping someone out that way over Easter weekend about an hour from me – they’re first time HOs here, and they aren’t in a particularly high-demand area, and I noticed they had no applicants so applied but told them to leave the sit open to see if they could find someone in their town who was looking for sits in the area to get reviews. If someone does apply, yay, I’m off the hook. But if no one does, I can easily do the weekend for them, get another review myself, and help them through their first sit which many HOs find a bit stressful. Win-win.


I hope this isn’t too off-topic but the post from @Val was so good to read and highlights what I thought this site was about - mutual support and fair exchange just helping people out because you’re able to do so.

It is so refreshing to read your post after seeing so many that seem to be haggling over utility costs or reminding sitters that they would be paying $$ to stay in holiday accommodation if they weren’t choosing to house sit.

Thank you for renewing some of my faith in this site.


But what are the odds? It is not likely that 40 invitations are enough.

In November, I had helped someone in Copenhagen whose sitter had gotten Covid. They had posted a last-minute request in the forum here. Many more than 40 people would have seen it, and I was the only one to volunteer, travelling within a few days to Copenhagen.

It was a nice sit, and I do not regret the money I spent on the train ticket. But I was not even offered a cup of coffee at the handover. Maybe pettiness on my side, but I would not help this HO again.

My comment wasn’t about the “odds” or otherwise. I was simply remarking that it was good to read of people (as you did) simply helping out another THS member because they were in the right place to be able to do so. It is a shame that your kindness wasn’t reciprocated with even a coffee which seems very thoughtless on the part of the host.