My sitter cancelled last minute. Can anyone help?

Hi All.

We had our sitters cancel at the last minute due to some unforeseen health issues. Of course, we understand and their health is utmost important.

However, now we are in a huge bind. We have a 5 week trip coming up that’s not refundable. The dates are from April 10 - May 15.

We have 3 very playful and affectionate cats and 4 playful and happy-go-lucky Cavalier King Charles puppies. I believe a link to our sit is available. If you can help out, please let me know asap.

We’re hoping we don’t have to disappoint our girls.

Thank you all.


Hi @Bri - yes, your listing is available by clicking on your username, so that’s good.

I took a quick look at your listing, and you certainly have lots written. I have not read it all, but you reference being decorated for the holidays, and many of your photos reflect Christmas, including your tree. When some content is not current, it can make sitters wonder if everything else is up to date, such as any need for medication, for example. I’d suggest you go through the content, and also make sure that everything you’ve written is necessary, as it’s a lot to read.

I see that you have premium membership. This means you can boost your listing once and it will go to the front page again. If you have not already used that feature, please give that some consideration.

If you had other applicants for the sit, you may want to try contacting them and see if someone is still available.

Sitters, the use of a car is included. Hopefully someone will be available.

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I hope you find someone soon. If I was able, I would 1000% apply. I am favoriting your sit for any potential future dates. :heart: