My sitter cancelled last minute. Can anyone help?

Hi All.

We had our sitters cancel at the last minute due to some unforeseen health issues. Of course, we understand and their health is utmost important.

However, now we are in a huge bind. We have a 5 week trip coming up that’s not refundable. The dates are from April 10 - May 15.

We have 3 very playful and affectionate cats and 4 playful and happy-go-lucky Cavalier King Charles puppies. I believe a link to our sit is available. If you can help out, please let me know asap.

We’re hoping we don’t have to disappoint our girls.

Thank you all.


Hi @Bri - yes, your listing is available by clicking on your username, so that’s good.

I took a quick look at your listing, and you certainly have lots written. I have not read it all, but you reference being decorated for the holidays, and many of your photos reflect Christmas, including your tree. When some content is not current, it can make sitters wonder if everything else is up to date, such as any need for medication, for example. I’d suggest you go through the content, and also make sure that everything you’ve written is necessary, as it’s a lot to read.

I see that you have premium membership. This means you can boost your listing once and it will go to the front page again. If you have not already used that feature, please give that some consideration.

If you had other applicants for the sit, you may want to try contacting them and see if someone is still available.

Sitters, the use of a car is included. Hopefully someone will be available.

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I hope you find someone soon. If I was able, I would 1000% apply. I am favoriting your sit for any potential future dates. :heart:

We had arranged a sit in good time, but the sitters had to cancel because of a need to look after an ill parent. I have contacted previous sitters and available UK sitters for the period 14 to 24th MAY but no luck. Slightly panicking now. Any further suggestions please?

Hello to you both and a warm welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you’ve had a cancellation and I really hope we can help you. Sitters are tending to book closer to dates now so it might just take a little longer at the moment.

I can totally vouch for this lovely house sit as Ian and I sat for you back in 2019 looking after Minnie and Pete… we had so much fun with them! But now I see you have a new addition Louis! It’s a wonderful thing you guys do in taking rescues from overseas. You say it’s an apartment, but it’s so spacious with a lovely garden, over 2 floors, it really feels like a house - and it’s so beautiful!

Other than to say again (as do all your wonderful reviews) what a lovely sit this is for anyone considering it, the only suggestion I have is to maybe mention (if this option is still available) that you have parking permits a sitter can use while you are away. That helped us tremendously in busy Hove!

You can also add a link to your sit in your forum profile to expose it to other members who use the forum regularly.

Have to share one of our pix from the sit :slight_smile: and hope you get some positive feedback and find replacement sitters very soon.



Hi Vanessa,
We were very lucky to have you sit for us, it is great to have such nice pics too!
We’ll use all your suggestions and hope we find someone soon, fingers crossed.
All our very best Rf and Clare


Hi we had a sitter lined up for a 2 month sit in California, and he just cancelled( from a different online site) or somewhat flexible departure date is end May but folks are already saying they are already booked. we live in a rural community here is a link to our listing… I’m getting worried… any suggestions? many of the folks that had saved our listing I reached out to, and they are all busy.

“Since I move the horses and we take the dogs, It is mainly keeping the hummingbirds fed, ( sugar water in feeders)and we have herd of them”

Welcome to THS and the forum!

Normally you are asked to put your listing link in your profile, rather than linking it in your post. Here’s how to do that. How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I just checked out your sit. Looks like you already have 4-7 applicants so hopefully you are well on your way to finding a sitter!

One suggestion: I wonder if it’s would be possible for you to offer a vehicle for the sitters to use? That might be one way to attract more sitters. The cost of rental cars is very high right now.

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It looks amazing. I’d move in, never mind sit!!

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@Ketch Seriously! They’d never get rid of me :rofl:

What an incredible place you have, @dirtroad22, I am sure you will have no trouble finding another sitter for what looks like an amazing sit.

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@dirtroad22 California sits are always popular and you have a really nice house. I see you already have 4-7 applicants. Please make sure to communicate with them in a timely fashion. Good luck!

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Tehachapi is gorgeous! I’m sure you’ll pair up with someone awesome in no time!

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Hi @Philippa22 and welcome to the forum. I’m just going to mention here for forum members that you have a link embedded in your username to your listing. I have not read your listing, but other forum members may give you some helpful feedback.

Durham, UK, April 6 - 14, spending time with a female feline friend named Bill.

If you are a standard or premium member, please keep in mind that you can boost your listing, which will promote you again on the first pages.

If you would like your listing promoted on social media, please send your consent to @Angela-HeadOfCommunity , as she needs your permission.

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I joined the site earlier this year and was delighted when I got a sitter to look after my cat while I’m away in April. However, she has just cancelled at short notice, and despite me messaging many potential sitters I haven’t yet managed to get someone to take their place. Any advice? I live in a lovely place with a sweet-natured moggy!

I’m so sorry to hear this Philippa, especially when it’s your first time I wish I could help you out but am booked, as Bill looks very cute. I do hope you get a replacement sitter.

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HI @Philippa22 I’m so sorry that your sitter has cancelled and good to see that you have added your listing link to your forum profile and as @Snowbird says there are things we can do to help, one is to share your listing on our Social Media channels, please let me know if this is something you would like to do.

Please also don’t give up hope of finding someone by reaching out, only yesterday an owner sent 7 invites and one member got straight back, her latest sit had just finished and she was looking for another sit close by … problem solved, she arrives tomorrow, 4 days after the owner started looking for a sitter.


Hi, I’d be grateful if you could share the link on your social media, thank you! I’m going to keep sending messages and hope someone is able to help.

Bill looks adorable! I looked at your listing and would suggest more pictures of the interior, especially kitchen, bedroom and sitter’s bathroom. Your first photo should be the most appealing, as that will appear in the thumbnail that sitters see.

Good luck.

Hi @Philippa22,
I’m sorry you had this stressful experience. We are very keen on sitting in your location and will favourite you, though unfortunately we cannot help in April :slightly_frowning_face:
Good luck!


Thanks for this. Will take it on board.