My holiday sitter cancelled!

Not one single person who recently saved my sit after reposting is actually available!
We still do not have a sitter and I have noticed that this communication appeared to be closed for comments - is my plight bad for business if it spreads ??!! This is the worst outcome when you rely on this ! We are now today forced to contact airlines to see if my husband and I can 1. Split up our time so one parent is with the kids while one stays with the dogs and if we can’t do that my husband says he will stay home !! So much for our traditional EVERY YEAR family time!!!

I just had the rug pulled out from me as our sitter just cancelled for our 12/23-1/3 house sit!
It’s too late to board our dogs and we have no one to turn to. It’s too late to cancel the trip as well although I maybe forced to stay home and let my family go without me because of this!!
We have only used this service once before and had a horrible experience as our sitters decided to leave the sit early leaving our dogs alone the last day to take a new sit!
I’m ready to give up on this site and I’ve asked for owner of site to help w get a sitter booked but have heard nothing back


HI @Audreychloe I am so sorry to hear your sitter cancelled, I understand they became ill. I am going to connect you directly with the Membership Services Team.

Meanwhile I have added your listing to your Forum Profile we can also post your listing across our Social Media channels but I will need your permission to do this, you can Direct Message me to discuss.

A member of the team will be in touch with you directly via email.

The Admin Team

My first and only experience was last year when the couple left the sit a day early leaving my dogs alone so they could get to their next sit. I was trying this again and am now so anxious as if I don’t get a suitable replacement I will have to stay home while my family leaves without me


Lisa Shapiro

Admin Notice: This has been passed to the Membership Services Team who will assist the member