More applicants required as my dates were changed

I have been let down by a sitter with just two weeks to go. My original dates were not confirmed, but when they were confirmed I was unable to change them on my dashboard. So the applicants that applied were not available or were not suitable. How do I get more applicants please. I find the website difficult to navigate sometimes, and the app just doesn’t recognise my account.

@Tedsmum if your membership is up to date then contact :
for help .

Or do a live chat -
If you go to the Help section of the app
Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you will see an option
“Chat to Us”:speech_balloon:

At first you will be talking to a chatbot but you can ask to speak to a human and your call will be passed to someone who can help you .

Ask member services to change the listing to the correct dates.

All the best in finding a sitter.

Thank you I have already done that. The dates were changed but because I had already had 5 applications. I wasn’t able to get more. I will contact them again though.

Did member services explain that If the 5 applicants aren’t suitable you need to decline them ?

Then you can unpause your listing and more will be able to apply .

For the sake of time, you might want to create a new listing today! Brand new listing! With correct dates.

Be clear in your listing of the actual dates that you will be gone, and if Sitter needs to arrive a day before for handoff. It is always helpful to know the approximate times that the Owner will be leaving and arriving home. With only 2 weeks to go, you should know this.