How to re-open for applicants

Hi, We have a listing for 2 week sit at end of April/beginning of May. We immediately got five applications. We declined three, for a variety of reasons and have been trying to schedule call or video chat with two, what looked like, promising candidates. One candidate suggested a video chat, said he would send an invite then essentially “ghosted me” . He had email and number to text so if something came up he could have easily reached out. It has now been two days since hearing from him, so unfortunately, we will have to decline him.
We, hopefully will be talking with the other candidate and that will work out BUT, in case, I wanted to re-open for applicants. I searched but can’t find how to do that.
Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and thank you for letting me vent re: “the applicant who ghosted”


Hi @PattyBfromMaine what a delightful listing and adorable pets, you are well ahead of your dates and while securing a sitter is always a priority, knowing pets are going to be happy and cared for in your absence is peace of mind and allows a pet parent/owner to concentrate on their travels, you do have plenty of time to find the right sitter for you and your furry family …

Also you will find the answer to most questions on the website on the Help Page …

If you are still having issues after viewing these posts do let us know and we will get @Therese-Moderator to pick this up for you when she is next online.

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Thank you!! When I got on through my laptop I found a way to un-pause. Weird that I did not see it on the app.
Still learning here.

The app has also been very buggy as well. So that could be a reason why you didn’t see it