Confirming an application

If someone contacts me to house sit and I like their application, do I confirm the application or does that mean I am confirming the sit?

As a homeowner, I never confirm a sitter, even though their application is topnotch, until I speak with them first. This could be just audio, or audio and video (facetime, whatsapp, zoom, skype, whatever). And, as a sitter, I never agree to a sit until after I have done the same – communicated in some way with the homeowner. This way, any of the questions that each party may have can be discussed prior to going forward. Lately, I have had a few of my applications confirmed without the homeowner asking to speak first, and I just write back to the homeowner requesting a chat prior to my agreeing to the sit. It was usually the first time they had listed a sit on THS, so they were new to the process. If you really like the applicant, I suggest you write to them and plan a chat, even if it’s just to confirm your departure time and their arrival time. There are many things, in my opinion, to discuss before each party confirms and agrees to the sit.

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To answer your question, yes.

If you as the HO confirm, you are indicating to the sitter applicant that you want them to sit. The sitter then agrees and the sit is confirmed from both parties. Your listing will then show that no sitter is needed and any other applicants will be sent an auto decline message.

That’s the technical process. But as @sledgejoyce says, there are many important steps to take before confirming from both the HO and sitter side.

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Hi @Kozalk and welcome to the forum. I am sure there are many other members who have this same question. I see you are from Colorado…the Erie location. I am originally from the Denver/Parker and Winter Park area. It’s just so beautiful in Colorado and your kitties are adorable as well!

I would suggest, if you like the applicant, that you schedule a video chat with them so you can be 100% sure this is the sitter you want to take care of your precious babies. Most of the time they will be exactly like their profile, but there may be times they just don’t mesh with what you are needing/wanting. I would also flag those you are interested in so you can easily find them while looking through your messages.

I noticed you do not have your member profile linked to your forum profile. Doing this will make it easy for other members to easily read your profile and you might possibly find that next sitter you really love! Take a look at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile and you will find easy to follow directions on how to do so.

Good luck with all your applications…and happy traveling while you have have someone taking care of your furbabies!

“Any other applicants will be sent an auto decline message”. That is not my experience as a sitter. For some applications the listing was no longer showing for days, and still my application was still live, no decline and no feedback from the HO. I have the idea that auto decline does not exist. Correct me if I am wrong

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@markhellemans I would say in your case, either the HO itself has paused the listing or the new THS Pause feature was in place.

Thanks so much for the help!

I have had someone interested in me but it’s been a few days since she communicated . The sit is coming up next week. Should I drop them a friendly note or just cancel? I will send them a quick note methinks.

I would send them a friendly note :slight_smile: