Has HO accepted an applicant

… and they haven’t closed the listing? I applied to a “last minute” listing, I was shown as the 4th applicant, application was shown as read, no response. After 2 days, i withdrew as i needed to firm up my own plans. Out of curiosity, I checked it today (the sit starts in 3 days) and it’s still open. I realize there are a number of explanations here- however, I’m asking whether the sit can/has been agreed to without either party “accepting” on the site? And, very specifically, does this negate the legal membership terms?

Hi @MsKate You might find this post interesting, as I too wonder about the many sits that are upcoming in a few days and seem to be neglected or not completed for some inexplicable reason.

Unless a sit is confirmed to the point where the sitter has the dates showing a black line across the dates, the sit is not confirmed. If it went ahead without that, it’s my understanding that it would be outside of the TrustedHousesitters platform.

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