Listing says no applicants

I have a question regarding when the listing says there are no applicants. applied 3 days ago and also the owner told me he has 3 other applicants that have also applied.

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Thank you - it just happened again. I spoke to a woman and the listing said no applicants and she let me know she had multiple applicants.

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Do you mean the counter showed 0-3 applicants? If that’s the case the HO could still have applicants, the counter doesn’t display an exact number but a range.

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In my case, I wrote in (0-3applicants) but met with silence. But I see that the HO has read my message. Should I take it that, that is a rejection? And cancel my application? Is there possibility that perhaps the sit is a long time away so they are taking time to consider? When is best for me to cancel my application and look for new ones.

I am happy to receive any response even negative.

Hi @Anne.323 take a look at Vanessa’s response to a similar question to yours. If you read on in that thread you’ll see responses you may find helpful.


Thank you very much @Snowbird. Appreciate the link and will read up further.


And here I am, several days in with no applicants at all. I will gladly welcome ALL of your applications! All applicants welcome! All the applicants! All!


If it says 0-3 it means they may have 0, 1, 2, or 3 applicants in total. I’m always happy if it stays at 0-3 after I apply (and doesn’t jumpy to 4-7) because that means I’ve only got 1-2 other sitters in competition.

If it hasn’t been too long since you initially applied, the home owner may still be reading through the profiles of each applicant and trying to decide which ones to contact for more information. They may even be in the process of setting up phone or video calls with some of all of the applicants.

If you get tired of waiting, you can always rescind your application with a polite explanation. We only do that if we have accepted another sit for the same time slot though.


Oooh, your house and fur bebes look so delightful, @MidnightSiren!
And Rocky and Muki have excellent fashion sense.
I can’t sit in May, sadly, but I bet you’ll find someone amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Happy cake day!

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Hi @borntobark welcome to the community forum!

It looks like our helpful members have already provided you with the answer to this one. As @BunnyCat and @Kelownagurl have mentioned, if the listing says ‘0-3 applicants’ this could mean the owner has received 0, 1, 2 or 3 applications already.

All the best


:slight_smile: Thanks!

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I really appreciate this post as I was contacted by the homeowner of a sit I applied for earlier in the year to ask if I would consider applying for her new one. She indicated she had multiple applications but i noticed the 0-3 on the listing. It makes sense.


@HappySunflower In addition to what you’ve read here so far, keep in mind she may have declined those she felt weren’t a good fit. She may have had 10 applicants, for example. By declining them, her count drops down to a realistic number, and those declined have a definite answer. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I realise that.
She was interested in picking me but someone beat me and got in quicker.

Your place, location & pets look fab - shame I am in the UK. However, I would be concerned that a sitter had to stay at the property to look after the animals thru out the day. Perhaps this is putting people off. Could you clarify what you mean by this? Can sitters leave the pets to go shopping, explore the area, take the dogs for walks etc etc? Also, many sitters like to see more of the house - the kitchen, living areas, bathroom. Hope you find someone.

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