Applicants on sit post

What does the “0-4 applicants” mean on the sit posts? Does that mean that 0 out of 4 max applicants have applied? Or is that the min and max applications that the house sitter wants to review? What happens if they reject one, do the numbers change?

It would be nice to know how many people have already applied for a sit and how many were rejected, and how many favorited or viewed them.

Hello @wmcdonald and a warm welcome to the forum. When you see numbers like this it indicates the range for the number of applicants who have applied for a sit. If owners reject sitters, the numbers will reduce.

A similar question has been asked before on another thread and this is what @Therese-Moderator had to say, which will help explain even more…

We have now done a test run on the issue of the number of applicants changing and some homeowners mentioning they were overwhelmed but the number of applicants registered on their listing is for example 0-3. The reason for this … the moment a homeowner declines a sitter, the number drops on their listings. This is immediate, so a homeowner may be sifting through applicants quickly and if some sitters don’t match with their specific criteria, and they decline them (we do always hope with a nice relevant message), the numbers will drop, into the lower category. ie … 0-3 applicants from say 4-7 applicants. (4 or 5 declines)
I hope this helps explain a little better as to this change when looking at listings.
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Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to see how many have been favorited or viewed, but it’s a great idea and the product team do review these suggestions when looking to introduce product updates.

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