"Sitter Wanted Page" 0-3,4,5, applicants?

Hi, what does e.g., “0-3” applicants mean? Is that the Homeowner will only accept up to 3 submissions? Does it disappear when enough submissions have been made?

It means the sit has had that many applicants. It can increase as more people apply :slight_smile:

It shows the number of sitters who have applied so far, but not exact, just a range.

8-12(?) Can’t remember the higher ones. Maybe it’s 8-15?

And so on.

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Why range and not exact, anybody knows?

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0 - 3 indicates that the applicants will be either none, 1, 2 or 3
4 - 7 at the moment during this “test” there are 4 applicants. If there were 5 applicants then the listing would be paused.
So if you see a listing with 4 - 7 then you had better get your skates on before someone gets in there before you.
8 - 12 and beyond - I would imagine that this will no longer feature as it is not possible under this “test”

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