Number of applicants

I have been noticing that when I click on View Dates, the number of applicants is always 0-3. Owners will reply to my request saying they were overwhelmed with the number of applicants yet it still says 0-3. Is there a glitch somewhere?

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@bcooley This does seem strange, as we have not noticed any other incidences regarding this. But I will investigate it further. Many thanks, Therese


@bcooley … I have dm’d you for further info. thanks so much. Therese

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I’ve noticed this too

I’ve noticed it quite a lot

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We have now done a test run on the issue of the number of applicants changing and some homeowners mentioning they were overwhelmed but the number of applicants registered on their listing is for example 0-3. The reason for this … the moment a homeowner declines a sitter, the number drops on their listings. This is immediate, so a homeowner may be sifting through applicants quickly and if some sitters don’t match with their specific criteria, and they decline them (we do always hope with a nice relevant message), the numbers will drop, into the lower category. ie … 0-3 applicants from say 4-7 applicants. (4 or 5 declines)
I hope this helps explain a little better as to this change when looking at listings.
Warm regards