Curious about sits with dozens of applicants

I’m just wondering about advertised sits that stay listed as available but already have over 20 applicants, or sometimes even 50+ applicants.
I am curious if there is a spoken or unspoken rule about HO’s making a decision in a certain amount of time once they’ve received a certain number of applicants.
Personally, I find it discouraging to be looking and seeing those same sits listed day after day (sometimes week after week) despite having this huge number of applicants. So far I’ve only bothered to apply for a couple like that because I find it must be nearly impossible for owners to read that many applications (I applied and followed up twice, in fact, and never received any response from one and waited weeks for a reply from another).
Just wondering how others feel about this and if there’s any guidance for owners to select and take down the post.
I understand some might say “never hurts to apply anyway” but we are still kind of new and I don’t feel like I stand a chance with only a handful of sits when there are over 20 or 30 applicants.
So, just throwing this out there…


If it is of interest to you, go after it is my philosophy.
You only have a chance when you take it.

You might be exactly what they are looking for.


Please don’t approach any listing with the idea that you don’t stand a chance. Each homeowner (I’m a sitter) looks for or notices different things. For example, a homeowner once told me that I was selected for the sit because I was hugging a goat, and she was drawn to that.

I have experienced having applied for a couple of sits where there were many applicants and weeks went by without any decision being made. One homeowner explained why, which was thoughtful. The others did not, and for some the start date came and went without a response. Regardless of the reason, that’s a red flag to me that the homeowner may not be as considerate and respectful as I expect, and I would be cautious about considering that sit. That’s just my radar, which of course is my personal choice.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect THS to put timeframes on decision-making. Also, THS does not monitor listings where the date passes without a sitter being shown as confirmed. As a sitter, I would suggest it’s best for you to set your own parameters, regardless of what others do or don’t do. I focus on the new opportunities, rather than looking at ones that discourage you. With new listings being added all the time, viewing THS is like opening gifts on Christmas Day :grinning:


I hesitate but then usually say “give it a try” and apply. You never know something you write may strike a chord with the pet owner.


Hi @carpediem16 when we have owners with high numbers of applications we do contact them to give direction on how to manage their in box and applications and help in any way that we can. Some are completely unaware that they can pause applications, even though this is communicated to all members.

There is no time element associated with owner’s responses, except of course the timing of their sit and when they need to confirm a sitter.

I have applied to listings with a high number of applications and have been successful … it’s about making a connection and being the right sit and the right sitter.


I’m glad to hear this Angela

It is always worth applying regardless. You may not get that sit but could be remembered for others. This happened to me twice in 2019 after lockdown when everybody going crazy to escape. I applied for one sit when not too many had applied and spoke to the owner who was very pleasant. I didn’t get that sit but was remebered and contacted direct when wanting a sitter a couple of moinths later. It turned out that she had 58 applicants and was overwhelemed and did not want that situation again. The only reason I did not get the first sit was that as a little remote had thought a couple would be better at the time. Another sit I applied for that year I was simply told had already decided on somebody, however I again was contacted for a later sit and worked round me for a few days when I was available to sit for them. It is nice to be remebered and if you do not get the sit when you first apply, you are definitely not forgotten if other sits become available.

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I applied for my 1st sit in Bali in February 2018 when there were over 20 applications. I got picked the next day, and 4 years later I have now been to Bali 8 times, spending 9 months here over that time, and I am now on my 8th sit in Bali, with my 9th starting in 2 weeks, so never give up!

Thinking back, it was one of those sits where I didn’t even have a chat or video call with the HO, she just decided that my profile and experience looked exactly like what she and her husband were looking for. A good honest profile is worth working on.