Newbie Upgrade

Hi I’m ready to sign up but I know I won’t be traveling for a couple of months. I’m wondering if it’s recommended to sign up as a basic sitter to get my profile up then upgrade to Standard sitter later?

To be honest the difference is so little that I would go straight to standard.


@LetsGeauxNik I have had a basic sitter membership for many years and it works for my needs. However, one of the great benefits I see of upgrading is to be able to set up unlimited saved searches on the app. The basic membership has a maximum of three.

Using saved searched on the app you would be notified anytime a new listing is posted for your areas/locations of interest. Then you could favourite them on the app. I find having instant notifications of listings that are likely to be of interest to me is a great feature. Welcome to your new adventures. :smiley:

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