Basic membership alerts

Is it correct that on a basic membership, you cannot set up or receive alerts? Do you only get alerts on standard and premium?

I am on a basic sitter membership, and I can get alerts (by the app on my iPhone for favourited listings) and I get every evening an email with notifications of the new dates of listings in the areas of my Saved searches.

@pietkuip so you only get them for favourite listings, not general alerts that you set up for a particular area and dates for example. I did get a message saying only standard and premium memberships can set up these alerts. Thanks for that additional information anyway, at least I know I can get favourite alerts.

Ah, then that is why, I am not paying enough! :slight_smile:

I thought it had something to do with my computer, that I had switched of notifications somewhere…

Hi @ziggy
I have basic membership and this is my understanding:

A basic member can set up 3 saved searches. (Up to 10 saved searches with a higher tier membership).
I have 2 of these on my desktop computer and receive daily alerts by way of email
I have the other one on my app and I receive notifications whenever they are listed (or within an hour as raised before)

I think that if you put them all on your app you would have constant pings

I can also favourite any listing, no limit on the amount. I then receive a notification on the app only whenever these are listed
Hope that this helps … or maybe not!!! :joy:

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With my basic membership, in the web interface I am limited to 3 saved seaches. But in the app I can add more, up to 10. These work to notify me of new dates in the evening email message.

Thanks - I may change it all then. I do tend to put “Anywhere” as one of my 3 searches though as I like to try new places that I have never heard of

@pietkuip @Itchyfeet thanks for your feedback and confirmation. I was thrown off a little because of a message I received with incorrect information regarding this matter.

So, I can do three saved searches, entering e.g. Location - London between 24 March 2024 and 24 June 2024 and I will receive alerts for this search? Three of these for different places different dates?

Thank you, I’ve been a member for years but not since the introduction of the membership tiers. I didn’t read this when I renewed in 2022.

What I do is that I created three Saved Searches with the map using the web interface. And then I can add a few more countries or cities using the app.

When new dates are in those regions they should be in the email that you get in the evening.

Some of these will then already be marked “reviewing” (which means that five applications came in, the algorithm then blocks more applications). But if you would like the place, you can mark it as a favourite (by clicking the heart icon) and then next time it has new dates you will get an earlier alert in the app.

@pietkuip thank you :+1: