Issues with Saved Searches

Hi @Sladey
Do have a look if you have a saved search ‘explore near you’ as this is an automatic saved search that is set up when you first join. This may be the listings you are receiving that do not relate to your ‘no cat filter’.
On the website, to double check, if you go through each of your saved searches, you can quickly see if the pet filter has been done by you (it will now be a green button showing the number of pets you happy to sit, which will exclude cats).
I hope this helps.


As far as I know, there is no universal feature attached to your profile that allows you to filter pets (though that would be handy).

In my experience, with EACH search you set up, you must click the pets options and save that individual search if you want to filter out certain pets. So say I want to go to Norway, Paris or a mapped out part of Asia, then in each of those searches I have the option of picking which animals I want to sit. But there is no universal pet-picking option for all of my searches.

Probabably the easiest way is to do this mentally.

Someone (maybe @geoff.hom ) had investigated the search algorithm. The filter behaviour was not intuitive at all. Yes, I found it:

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@Maggie8K @Timshazz
Yes , I shared this last year

Reply from THS when I inquired

"While we do advertise it as unlimited saved searches, the searches are capped at 50. There are scalability issues beyond that which caused problems. Very few of our members reach our cap of 50 saved searches. "


@ExploreDreamDiscover the mind boggles that they freely admit false advertising!