Not possible to search for an “anywhere” sit

Is anyone else still having this issue? We love putting in set dates and seeing where we can go in the world :earth_africa: for that time. It’s no longer possible and can’t get an answer from support as to why. @jcvbva from memory you also like doing this and couldnt make it work. Any luck?

I have been inputting “anywhere” as standard input in the search engine because I really don’t care where I go as long as I go somewhere lol

When I input that, it doesn’t actually put the word in the search box and I thought there was a problem also
But when I look at the actual list, it does bring up literally anywhere and everywhere, for the dates criteria. I use dummy dates as am flexible.

It’s still not working on iPhone. I just tried again. Everything is updated and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Searching for “Anywhere” just bounces me back to the main screen with no results.

Working here on app and online on iPhone.
Anywhere, any pets, anytime

So you can find all sits in the world for say 2 December to 12 December for dogs and cats only @Amparo? With the map? Mine just goes straight back to the Home Screen like @jcvbva - gives me zilch. I don’t want anywhere at anytime. I want anywhere for a set of dates I choose, just to be clear. :raised_hands:t3: 5381 options and no filters possible.

Seems so
This is on the app

It won’t let me choose the dates or any filters @ziggy - gives me the 5381 live ones and that’s my lot :thinking:

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This is mine. No filter options? iPhone too. Updated app.

Are you on airplane mode?
Try refreshing screen?
Sorry no other ideas

Yes on WiFi only as in Cambodia. I’ll switch to data and try that. Thanks @Amparo :pray:t3:

Ta dah!! Not the WiFi thing but a simple tweak - the first screen (the one I showed) is blank, but if you pull the page up with your thumb (on the phone) then the filter appears (like so) on the layout and you’re off.

It’s simple but not obvious until you do it. @jcvbva try it!! :partying_face::partying_face:
Thank you again @Amparo you made me look at it differently & ooohhh I do love a global “where shall we go in January” type search #theworldisyouroyster


Fabulous! :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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@Cuttlefish Cambodia you lucky thing. Been three times and waiting for the next. Aren’t the people just AMAZING!!!


So sweet & smiley @Ziggy. Definitely visit @Amparo :cambodia::heart:

Finding my inner Angelina this morning :joy:


@Cuttlefish yep, the happiest people I have ever met, despite their horrific past. Glad to see you loving it. Wow! They’ve cleaned Angelina’s entrance up! Last time there you couldn’t see that for huge vines growing over it.

It is unbelievable that so many people don’t know what happened there. Even the people of Cambodia don’t know most of it as they have grown up being told not to know or remember. The population at 65 and over is only 5.8% and the average age is a mere 27. Everyone knows about the Vietnam war but few know about the Pol Pot era in Cambodia. Soooo sad, but these Cambodians never, ever complain or stop smiling. I volunteered at an orphanage for some time and the stories - no words.

Anyway, on a happier note lol Definitely a must visit @Amparo

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That worked for me too. Something still not right but at least we have a workaround! :partying_face:

@Cuttlefish it’s working ok for me on a Samsung android