Finding sitting posts in specific areas in the UK

Is there a facility to put in the area I am available to sit pets for please? At the moment I can only see sitters required abroad.

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Hi @serenamomberg … let me see if I can help - I hope I’m understanding your question correctly.

These instructions are for the desktop version. When you are logged in to your TrustedHousesitters account and at the DASHBOARD, you can search locations by going to FIND A HOUSE SIT on the top left of your screen.

Once you click this you will see all the latest house sits available, but now you have the option to search more specifically.

Again, top left you can search in the box labelled “where would you like to go” - start typing a town or city, or county or just UK and you’ll get a drop down of options to choose. Alternatively you can use the map, zooming into the area of the UK where you are looking for sits.

You can also filter/search by dates, duration, type of pets, local attractions and more.

You can then save these searches to receive daily alerts if you wish.

There’s also an area in your profile where you can specify which countries you are interested in so that home owners see this on your profile.

Hope that helps get you started, but if you’ve got any further questions don’t hesitate to ask the community.

All the best, Vanessa